Final Updates

Sac Pin Expo / Sac Toy Con Saturday 

Over 100 tables of vendors from all over the state

June 4th-5th 10-4 pm each day

Admission $10 Saturday only 

Admission $10 Sunday Only

Full weekend Admission $15 Both Days 

Special Guests

Neil Ross Appearing Sunday June 5th only

Terry McGovern Appearing June 4th and 5th

Dan Brereton Appearing Sunday only

Sean Long Appearing Saturday June 4th only

Scott Zillner Appearing June 4th and 5th

Cancelled Jay Sullivan

Event Exclusives

Flag Point Pinn $10

Night Force Patch $5

Night Force Hat $20

Ninja Pins $10 each

Black Major Officer $20

Guest Announcement Terry McGovern

Terry McGovern is an American actor, television broadcaster, radio personality and acting instructor. He is best known as the original voice of Disney character Launchpad McQuack from DuckTales and spin-off Darkwing Duck. he was also elected into the Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame as a member of its Class of 2008. Terry was the voice of the Sandtrooper in Star Wars A New Hope and On transformers as the Stunticon Wildrider.

Terry will be at the event both days June 4th and 5th